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PCD and CBN tips for notching

Cemented carbide tips for notching

PCD and CBN turning inserts

PCD, CVD and cemented
carbide engraving tools

Diamond grinding pins

Diamond grinding wheels

Holders and spindles /Arbors

Unique speciality – DTS System

| PCD and CBN turning inserts

Turning of passforms on cemented carbide rolls CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) is the most economical cutting material to be used in CNC turning machines without cooling.

We supply all kind of ISO standard tips – (RCGX, RNGN, RXGN . . .)
as well as special inserts as per customized drawings and specifications along with their corresponding toolholders.
In some cases CBN is also used in the notching operation and PCD in turning (but only with sufficient cooling).



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Special CBN or PCD tipped grooving insert with smallest possible radius and width for optimized machining of narrow passforms.

Exceeding your expectations!