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We can also offer the corresponding brass counterbearings, fully finished according to your drawing, and carefully adjusted to the offered spindles (Arbors).


| Holders and spindles /Arbors
Special high performance milling spindles (Arbors)

Option 1

Fully finished according to your drawing, high precision ground, made from special (extra tough) tool steel, hardened to 58 HRC, depth 1,5 mm.

| These features results in extra long life time!
| This execution is best suitable to work with Tungsten Carbide counterbearings.

Range of products

PCD and CBN tips for notching

Cemented carbide tips for notching

PCD and CBN turning inserts

PCD, CVD and cemented
carbide engraving tools

Diamond grinding pins

Diamond grinding wheels

Holders and spindles /Arbors

Unique speciality – DTS System

Option 2

Same as option 1, but additionally with a special “blacknite coating” providing excellent antifriction properties. This execution is best suitable to work with brass counterbearings that results in less vibration and consequently lowest possible risk for tool breakages.


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Exceeding your expectations!

Counter Bearings

Made from cemented carbide in best  suitable grades, providing proper support of the milling spindle. The consequence is the elimination or reduction of vibrations that results in increasing the tool life of the PCD-tips considerably.